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So [personal profile] mako_lies and [personal profile] nal_rene often recommend various fan vids, and they're unfailing very, very good. So I thought I'd recommend a few!

FFXII - I Need A Hero
[personal profile] danchekker hates this song, and I understand why -- yay rampant misogyny! But the song goes quite well with most Final Fantasy games, a fact that Youtube fanvidders appear to acknowledge. There are many combinations of this song and any number of FF games, but this is the best use of the song that I've found. mako_lies and I talked about the Ashe/Basch pairing this week, so there's that, too.

TOS - Tik Tok
mako_lies recommended a Toy Story version of Tik Tok, and it was good! But this is by far and away my favorite version of some fandom + Ke$ha.

The Doctor vs. The World
What happens when you take the trailer of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and make it all about the Eleventh Doctor? Awesomeness is what. There are many, many things I like about this video, even if it doesn't make that much sense -- like Eleven stumbling around from his regeneration, and the Master with Chris Evan's gravely voice, and Ten's conclusion rocks my face off.

Quantum Who
Yeah, let's just keep rolling with the Doctor Who vids, shall we? The love I have for Quantum Leap is extremely disproportionate to my knowledge of the series; I've seen, like, two episodes in my entire life. But I'm a big fan of the show's concept, and I'm always a fan of good redone opening credits. SO. Oh yeah, here's one for Space: 1999, too. And the Discovery Channel.

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