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Okay! So! The Hunger Games's posters have been released into the wild, and they showcase our Tributes, plus important supporting characters.

-- They look cool! If you're going to do faces on a black background, this is how you do it. Then again, I'm a sucker for visual unity. (Not, you know, this.)
-- Lenny Kravitz as Cinna is... look, it isn't bad. I think it could be awesome. I'm just suffering from cognitive dissonance, because I have this very specific visual image of Cinna, and he's not will.i.am Lenny Kravitz. That said, much of visualization of Cinna is in his actions, not his appearance, so! I just hope movie!Cinna is extremely intelligent + soft spoken + world weary + sort of sad + aware of his own genius + but extremely humble. Also: not over-the-top gay. (I warned you: VERY SPECIFIC VISUALIZATION)
-- When I saw Haymitch's poster, I had two thoughts, in about this order: "He's really good looking!" and "Wait, isn't he suppose to be old?" But it seems that it's just Photoshop-airbrushing trickery; Haymitch is played by Woody Harrelson, which is perfect, and means Haymitch will be the broken, belligerent drunk he was meant to be.
-- I didn't realize this until a moment ago, but it's very subtle and therefore AWESOME: all of the characters are looking to the left, except for Katniss, who is looking to the right.
-- They're all beautiful, which makes shipping anyone with everyone much easier. There. I said it.

Icon is from here; kokeshi-icons has many good choices, but Haymitch's accidental badassery won out.
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