Jun. 24th, 2011

lowkey: (Yuna performing the Sending.)
Inspired by [personal profile] mako_lies, I've decided I'd try my hand at this FF Meme thing.

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But first!
I think an explanation of my history with the Final Fantasy series is in order! )

Day 1 - What is your favorite FF game?

Welp, isn't that the million dollar question.

My favorite game is sort of a toss-up, and it really depends on what side of the bed I wake-up on. VIII is rapidly growing on me, but since I haven't finished it, I'm remiss in naming it my favorite. The same goes with Tactics, which has an amazing plot that I've only ever half-finished. Though I enjoyed them both, XII and XIII bothered me when it came to aspects of their plots. And as much as I want to say Dissidia Duodecim (SRSLY GUYS IT IS AWESOME), I've not finished it, nor is it probably considered a "core" FF game.

SO, with all of that in mind, I sorta have to go with FFX. And I'm okay with that, because 1) I genuinely liked X, and 2) alot of other people didn't, which in my mind makes my positive gaming experience that much more unique and special.

I know that Tidus gets a lot of hate, and I understand why. He's not really a badass, not like Cloud or Squall (or Jecht or Auron or Basch or Balthier). He uses humor, but not as well as Laguna. Jecht didn't pass along any of his ruggedly handsome genes, but did hang around long enough to pass along his emotional attachment issues, so Tidus ends up both emo and metro.

But haters gonna hate. I like Tidus. This is going to sound stupid, but in my mind, he's more... realistic, or at least more approachable, than other FF heroes. He's not an amazing warrior; he's a sports star who ends up in a fantastical world half empty, and he does right by the people he's with. And he's pretty stupid and he's frank and he's pretty naive and boy does he have daddy issues, but he's a good man, and I like him for that.

And the story isn't just about him. Outside of Kimahri, who I never really connected with, I thought that FFX's party was pitch perfect, with a good balance of abilities and personalities. And I totally called Lulu/Wakka. Totally. AND ALSO the plot ended up making sense and having some emotional umph to boot.

SO THERE. Maybe X really is my favorite? Now I really want to get around to finishing X-2.