Jun. 25th, 2011

lowkey: (Squall being badass.)
Day 2 - What is your least favorite FF game?

Well, XIII sorta disappointed me, but I'm going to chalk that up to the fact that I put the game down for a year, and in the interim probably forgot some of the finer-but-necessary details that made the plot congeal. But XIII was pretty and awesome, and after I read the "Analysis and Speculation" section of my game guide, the plot makes much more sense. So I forgive it.

I didn't really dig XII's moral ambiguity, in so far as many of the people my party fights are heroic in their own way—for instance, Vayne heroically dissolves the Occuria's command of humanity's fate, and Vossler didn't really need to die, given that his plan was what our heroes end up doing anyways. But XII was incredible, so I forgive it, too.

For this question, I'm going to go back on my earlier "only mainline FF games count" and say that my least favorite FF game is the first Dissidia.

It isn't that it's a fighting game—I'm a-okay with that. And it isn't the lack of new characters or anything; the ensemble cast is amazing. The problem is, is that its sequel Dissidia Duodecim is such a better game. I resent that I invested as much time as I did, only to be introduced with a fighting experience that was so incredibly improved by its overhaul. More importantly, the writing and voice acting of the second game is by far and away better than the first, compounding my growing, retroactive disappointment in the first game.

(But the cover of the first game was reversible, so there is that.)

BUT THERE YOU HAVE IT. I have opinions and I'm not afraid to express them, Internet.