Jun. 27th, 2011

lowkey: (For my inevitable fanfic writing.)
I got in bed at ten, stayed up until one writing a new fanfic. I REGRET NOTHING

Basically, it's a WIP fixfic that I'M SURE WILL SOLVE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! that's not right with FFXIII's ending. Oh, and Hope gets up-aged so that he and Lightning can hook up.

Fan fiction: don't like the original world? BUILD A NEW ONE
lowkey: (For my inevitable fanfic writing.)
Title: A Betrayal of Interests
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Characters: Vossler York Azelas
Rating: G
Word Count: 598
Summary: The last son of Dalmasca contemplates the future.

The road to Shiva was paved with good intentions. )

You can also read this fic on the Archive of Our Own. If you have any recommendations as to what tags I should use to describe the story, I'm all ears.