Jul. 2nd, 2011

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Day 3 – Your favorite Final Fantasy theme/song?

I generally like the music in FF games, and I recognize just how important the games' scores are to making the playing experience amazing. But for the life of me, I can only recall a handful of songs! Of the ones I can remember right now, my favorite is probably VIII's "Breezy (Balamb Town Theme)". I fell in love with Balamb Town when I first visited it with Squall and Quistis, in large part because I liked this song so much. It has a nice folksy twang that gave Balamb Town a solid sense of place. Granted, it can get really damn annoying if you listen to it too much, BUT HEY. Small fishing villages-turned-tourist destinations can grate on your nerves if you stay too long, so I'll just claim that the tune "stays true to the source material".

The crazy Latin chanting of "Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec" gets honorable mention for being awesome, while Dissidia's "Cosmos" gets a shout out for being strangely incongruent with the rest of the game.
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Like I mentioned in the FF Meme Challenge, I'm playing these Final Fantasy games all backwards. I've done XII, then X, then XIII, and now I've begun FFVIII.

Last night, I got a few more hours into the VIII's second disk (a certain place did a certain thing, and it was awesome), so my spoilery thoughts below!

In no particular order, my muddled, fannish thoughts on the game so far. )