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So yeah, spoilers sweety.

So I'm really conflicted about this episode. It was... a pretty strong episode, I guess. Strong enough.

I think the number one reason I'm okay with "Let's Kill Hitler" is because I have hopes that we're going to see alot of connections between it and other episodes down the road. LIKE we might finally having "young Amy hears the TARDIS coming back" scene resolved, and also I think that the thirty minutes the Doctor was away dying of poison might be important. Heck, they might even be related: the dying Doctor went back to the one place and time where he definitely knew he could eat fishsticks and custard. Which is some sort of antidote to poison that makes you unable to regenerate, I guess? And also maybe the tux means that the wedding is somehow involved?

But I don't know. I don't want to bank on this and be disappointed. That said, I really liked what Moffat did with the two Doctors in last season's finale, with the jacketed future!Doctor coming in and saying goodbye to the blind Amy. I really respect time traveling shows that actually incorporate future events before they "happen"; it feels much less like an asspull once the viewers realize that the creators committed themselves to a certain story a long time before the reveal. Maybe we'll get lucky again.

As for River's/Mel's Heel Realization/Heel Face Turn... Dan pointed out that she was totally too callous, especially because she's been ostensible friends with Rory and Amy for years.

And also: I'm sorta angry about how River burns through her regenerations. I was absolutely fine with River having a finite amount of regenerations well beneath thirteen -- like, say, one or two. And dan pointed out that it doesn't matter how many regenerations she had left -- we know how she ends up. (Not well.) And I like the idea that River has one life, and she's using it for all its worth. But that doesn't make her sacrifice any less a sacrifice, and I didn't want that.

Furthermore, I'm really disappointed we're not going to get to see more of Mel... not because I wanted her to be the next Companion or anything (though I sorta did, her obvious similarities to River aside), but because I really wanted to get to know that character for a few episodes, even if her fate was death and regeneration. There was a lot of potential there, and it was killed off in the first five minutes.*

And that sums up my whole problem with this episode: what I'm mostly angry about is how many different stories are now impossible. We now know how River and the Doctor meet for the first time, and... I guess that's fine. But I was holding out hope that she first met a later regeneration of the Doc; it'd make the Doctor's relationship with her more timeless, and less "this was part of Moffat's run, and can be totally ignored by future Doctors and writers."**

And -- this is going to sound terrible, but bear with me -- I also wanted River to the harbinger of Eleven's next regeneration. Not as in "River kills the Doctor", but in the literal definition of "harbinger": in Matt Smith's last episode, I wanted River to show up at the beginning and be surprised at who she saw, because since their timelines are generally going in opposite directions***, this would be her first time seeing a pre-regeneration version of the Twelfth Doctor. It'd be such a quiet, sad way to announce Eleven's coming death -- perfect for the kind of Doctor Eleven is.

* But maybe not? There must be some way that Rory and Amy can still raise their child -- time can be rewritten! -- and that might also mean that Mel could travel with the Doc. She'd definitely be an interesting choice, and it'd be sorta neat to see the Doctor be the one that makes Mel/River a better person. Lord knows he's screwed up enough Companions.
** But I guess technically that was never a possibility: we know that in the timeline-as-currently-created, the Doctor's eleventh regeneration is his last. Which means he had to meet River in this regeneration first, or the timeline wouldn't make any sense. Not like that matters to Doctor Who.
*** Though not perfectly, as this episode beautifully illustrates.

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