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I really love this blog. It's fun, I get to nerd out, I'm subscribed to several extremely excellent writers. My extremely sporadic posting would disagree, but take my word. Please?

I mean, I really want to sit down and really, really read [personal profile] mako_lies's amazing post analyzing FFXIII's Eidolons (not to mention her most recent fics!), and then [personal profile] owlmoose went and wrote some really fun stuff on why she writes what she does that I wanted to comment on, too (was that already a week ago?!).

ANYWAYS, I'm going to be selfish and excuse my behavior because I am currently CONSUMED with my time-traveling fix-it fic that lets Hope and Lightning be together without the spectre of statutory rape.

So, without further ado, A SNEAK PEEK. )
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No original thoughts today—at least, not yet—but I did want to pass along some damn awesome posts that other people have had.

  • Thanks to the exceedingly intelligent [personal profile] owlmoose, I was introduced to a series of thought-provoking essays on Deep Space Nine. Better yet, the author, Abigail Nussbaum, appears to constantly critically review media, so I'm really happy to have been linked to this.

  • [personal profile] aria pointed toward a fan video (with attached meta-commentary!) created by [personal profile] thingswithwings. The video is... good? But the accompanying essay is a more profound, more thought-provoking piece that, if anything, uses the video as evidence for its argument. SO—watch the video, then read the piece and be amazed.

  • Anything written by Threat Quality.

  • Lastly... [community profile] areyougame is holding another prompt-claiming session, and I might seriously sign on for one of them.