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[personal profile] thingswithwings posted a list of the entries that she felt deserved more love in [personal profile] eruthros's (now closed) Top 100 Speculative Fiction Works. I had already voted in the poll, but thingswithwings' post helped me crystalize some of the thoughts I had had about the experience.

At first, I was a little confused by the inclusion of fan works along side "real" works, but then I decided I'd take the entire experience as a chance to be exposed to fan works I had never heard of (because unlike the "real" stuff, all of the fan works are available for free on the internet).

So this is how I came to experience the amazingness that is the SGA fic Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose. I think I'm going to write a whole piece on why this is an awesome story, and I think I'm going to compare it to another one of my all-time favorite books (which, coincidently, is on eruthros' poll but isn't doing so well), The Years of Rice and Salt.
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