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6800 words into my TIMETRAVEL-FIXIT-SHIPPING BONANZA, and Light just said Hope was cute for the first time.

This story is going to be EPIC.

To commemorate the occasion, a new Wordle:

Wordle: Second Hope Fan Fiction
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Look, there are many, many amazing characters in Baccano!, and there are AT LEAST three fantastic OTPs in the series. But today, I want to talk about one specific scene involving Jacuzzi Splot.

Naturally, spoilers follow.

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So, uh, my good friend [livejournal.com profile] danchecker and I were having a discussion about FFXIII's OTP's, specifically Fang/Vanille and how Hope and Lightning alter that dynamic. And then we went... some place strange.

It started off normally enough:

DC: AND I think that's what Fang needs and gets from Vanille. Someone who can suffer all the horrible stuff they go through together, and can still smile and be cute and FORGIVE and make people (Fang) laugh. Where Lightning would just go on a killing spree WITH Fang, and Hope would forgive and make a speech about how they all have to "be the better man" and then Fang would punch him and leave.

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I really love this blog. It's fun, I get to nerd out, I'm subscribed to several extremely excellent writers. My extremely sporadic posting would disagree, but take my word. Please?

I mean, I really want to sit down and really, really read [personal profile] mako_lies's amazing post analyzing FFXIII's Eidolons (not to mention her most recent fics!), and then [personal profile] owlmoose went and wrote some really fun stuff on why she writes what she does that I wanted to comment on, too (was that already a week ago?!).

ANYWAYS, I'm going to be selfish and excuse my behavior because I am currently CONSUMED with my time-traveling fix-it fic that lets Hope and Lightning be together without the spectre of statutory rape.

So, without further ado, A SNEAK PEEK. )
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I got in bed at ten, stayed up until one writing a new fanfic. I REGRET NOTHING

Basically, it's a WIP fixfic that I'M SURE WILL SOLVE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! that's not right with FFXIII's ending. Oh, and Hope gets up-aged so that he and Lightning can hook up.

Fan fiction: don't like the original world? BUILD A NEW ONE