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Okay! So! The Hunger Games's posters have been released into the wild, and they showcase our Tributes, plus important supporting characters.

-- They look cool! If you're going to do faces on a black background, this is how you do it. Then again, I'm a sucker for visual unity. (Not, you know, this.)
-- Lenny Kravitz as Cinna is... look, it isn't bad. I think it could be awesome. I'm just suffering from cognitive dissonance, because I have this very specific visual image of Cinna, and he's not will.i.am Lenny Kravitz. That said, much of visualization of Cinna is in his actions, not his appearance, so! I just hope movie!Cinna is extremely intelligent + soft spoken + world weary + sort of sad + aware of his own genius + but extremely humble. Also: not over-the-top gay. (I warned you: VERY SPECIFIC VISUALIZATION)
-- When I saw Haymitch's poster, I had two thoughts, in about this order: "He's really good looking!" and "Wait, isn't he suppose to be old?" But it seems that it's just Photoshop-airbrushing trickery; Haymitch is played by Woody Harrelson, which is perfect, and means Haymitch will be the broken, belligerent drunk he was meant to be.
-- I didn't realize this until a moment ago, but it's very subtle and therefore AWESOME: all of the characters are looking to the left, except for Katniss, who is looking to the right.
-- They're all beautiful, which makes shipping anyone with everyone much easier. There. I said it.

Icon is from here; kokeshi-icons has many good choices, but Haymitch's accidental badassery won out.

Date: 2011-10-28 03:17 pm (UTC)
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I always saw Alan Cumming as Cinna(truthfully, it could have been the gold eyeliner, but he really does fit the part). Cinna was my favorite character of the entire series :)

The writing wasn't good enough to ensnare me, but I got through them ok. First book was the worst when it came to making me want to toss the book across the room, and enjoyed the last one the most due to more things happening with less time for repetitious, anvilicious wallowing over her two dudes. I liked how Katniss was formed as a character, and the character type was definitely spot on, but the blunt writing going over and ooover the triangle stuff completely killed it. Of course I'll be watching the movie like whoa. Girl taking care of shit in the woods? Major button for me.

Huh. Hamish looks like he's about to be the star of a romantic fairy tale movie or something. But then the fans will know what they're in for and look forward to it, while random bystanders will be all ooo hot Woody I should totes see this *snicker*

I do have a Katniss icon saved that I really like, if you want a peek.