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6800 words into my TIMETRAVEL-FIXIT-SHIPPING BONANZA, and Light just said Hope was cute for the first time.

This story is going to be EPIC.

To commemorate the occasion, a new Wordle:

Wordle: Second Hope Fan Fiction
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Today was a good day. I proofed a story for [personal profile] danchekker, commented with [personal profile] mako_lies and [personal profile] nal_rene, and edited my EPIC TIME TRAVEL FIC.

And then a I broke a cutie and and wrote an epic boss battle between Hope and and an ax-crazy Vanille. THE END
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So apparently, [personal profile] mako_lies has been writing porn ALL DAY. And by "porn", I mean "a thoughtful masterpiece that culminates in a sexy, sexy threeway." And by "culminates", I mean "climaxes several times."

Or so I've heard. <cough>

ANYWAYS, in a further show of support, I decided I'd through up another excerpt from my timetravel WIP. We fanfic writers gotta support each other how we can. <SOLIDARITY>

ALSO: I'm now at 5600 words, and I don't think I'm halfway done. SO.

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So, you two -- I mean, [personal profile] nal_rene and [personal profile] mako_lies -- have posted alot of cool excerpts and WIPs. And in the spirit of keeping the faith... here's an excerpt from my WIP timetravelfixitfic!!!

Beneath the cut: manpain and Cid/Rygdea. )
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And suddenly it turned out that Hope talking with Gilgamesh wasn't such a cracky idea (I'm so punny), and it's actually a really important scene and shit goes down and Hope and Gilgamesh get to talk about their ffffeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllliiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggggssssssssssssss.

Gilgamesh did not smile. "Hope Estheim, of the village of Palumpolum, you smell of death and quiet desperation. I have met many men like you -- men who desired a better world, who fought for it with every fiber of their being. You will not be deterred from this effort."

Hope shook his head. "Gilgamesh, of the village of Genji, my world is populated with many men just as you -- great men, motivated by love or duty or honor, who pledge themselves to the unworthy because they believe that what they do is necessary. And I have killed them all."
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Between [personal profile] mako_lies, [personal profile] nal_rene, and myself -- we've totally bastardized this meme.

Comment in this post to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/gen friendship.



Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy XIII
Mass Effect
Knights of the Old Republic
Doctor Who

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Did I just write a scene where Rygdea expresses his man-pain through talking about brewing beer?



Did I just stay up till three hoping my friend and beta-er would show up online so we could talk about said scene?


Did I, while waiting for her to finish being cultured and get back from watching Shakespeare in the park, stumble onto a new addicting tumbr and also a new television obsession?

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Inspired by [personal profile] nal_rene's use of Wordle, I thought I'd plug in my WIP and see what it looked like. It should have come as no surprise that "Hope" has first billing, but I'm extremely gleeful that "Barthandelus" is very clearly the second.

Wordle: Initial Hope Fan Fiction
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So my morning started off pretty good, seeing this clip of David Tennant in the upcoming Fright Night.

So that was good BUT THEN I saw the trailer for In Time and was all like "Holy Crap! Justin Timberlake actually doesn't look like a douche! Also: Matt Bomer and Cillian Murphy? And also also: SO MANY TIME PUNS. And general sexiness in a dystopian future predicated on the preservation of youth and beauty? Sure, that's fine, too."

But now for some "fanfic is serious business" time.

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So, uh, my good friend [livejournal.com profile] danchecker and I were having a discussion about FFXIII's OTP's, specifically Fang/Vanille and how Hope and Lightning alter that dynamic. And then we went... some place strange.

It started off normally enough:

DC: AND I think that's what Fang needs and gets from Vanille. Someone who can suffer all the horrible stuff they go through together, and can still smile and be cute and FORGIVE and make people (Fang) laugh. Where Lightning would just go on a killing spree WITH Fang, and Hope would forgive and make a speech about how they all have to "be the better man" and then Fang would punch him and leave.

But then our love of X-Men: First Class came into play. )
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I really love this blog. It's fun, I get to nerd out, I'm subscribed to several extremely excellent writers. My extremely sporadic posting would disagree, but take my word. Please?

I mean, I really want to sit down and really, really read [personal profile] mako_lies's amazing post analyzing FFXIII's Eidolons (not to mention her most recent fics!), and then [personal profile] owlmoose went and wrote some really fun stuff on why she writes what she does that I wanted to comment on, too (was that already a week ago?!).

ANYWAYS, I'm going to be selfish and excuse my behavior because I am currently CONSUMED with my time-traveling fix-it fic that lets Hope and Lightning be together without the spectre of statutory rape.

So, without further ado, A SNEAK PEEK. )
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+ My good friend [livejournal.com profile] danchekker has just joined AO3, and to celebrate the occasion, she's posted a top-notch FFVII fan fic. Full disclosure warning: I betaed it.

Title: Two years, fifteen days
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Rufus ShinRa, Yuffie Kisaragi
Rating: G
Word Count: 7817
Summary: People change. They grow, and sometimes they grow together and sometimes they grow apart.

Anyways—if you want to read some top-notch post-game fanfiction, go check it out!

+ [personal profile] owlmoose linked and commented on an article TIME ran about fan fiction, available here. It was a fun, if rather uninformative read, but this little jewel jumped out at me:

Ursula K. Le Guin, another giant of the fantasy canon, writes, "To me, it's not sharing but an invasion, literally — strangers coming in and taking over the country I live in, my heartland."

God damn it, Ursula K. Le Guin, you are AN AUTHOR, and AUTHORS should be among the first to use "literally" correctly. NO, I don't care how much moaning and bitching you throw at fan fiction—guess what? No one is actually, literally coming into your country house and stealing your characters.

And in my opinion, that Le Gin thinks fan fiction writers are literally stealing her characters tells the lie to that entire school of thought.
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Title: A Betrayal of Interests
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Characters: Vossler York Azelas
Rating: G
Word Count: 598
Summary: The last son of Dalmasca contemplates the future.

The road to Shiva was paved with good intentions. )

You can also read this fic on the Archive of Our Own. If you have any recommendations as to what tags I should use to describe the story, I'm all ears.


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