Jul. 24th, 2011

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So my morning started off pretty good, seeing this clip of David Tennant in the upcoming Fright Night.

So that was good BUT THEN I saw the trailer for In Time and was all like "Holy Crap! Justin Timberlake actually doesn't look like a douche! Also: Matt Bomer and Cillian Murphy? And also also: SO MANY TIME PUNS. And general sexiness in a dystopian future predicated on the preservation of youth and beauty? Sure, that's fine, too."

But now for some "fanfic is serious business" time.

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Inspired by [personal profile] nal_rene's use of Wordle, I thought I'd plug in my WIP and see what it looked like. It should have come as no surprise that "Hope" has first billing, but I'm extremely gleeful that "Barthandelus" is very clearly the second.

Wordle: Initial Hope Fan Fiction