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Look, there are many, many amazing characters in Baccano!, and there are AT LEAST three fantastic OTPs in the series. But today, I want to talk about one specific scene involving Jacuzzi Splot.

Naturally, spoilers follow.

In my opinion, the most amazing, moving scene in the entire series that is the masterpiece Baccano! comes in episode 13, starting when Nice pulls Jacuzzi back onto the train. It's absolutely pitch perfect, and the artwork is used to great effect; the characters' bodies are so much more realistically expressive than any other anime I've ever seen.

Jacuzzi: Thank goodness you're safe.
Nice: Nevermind me, we have to hurry up and stop this bleeding.

Nice pulls Jacuzzi up. They're both on their knees, and Jacuzzi lets the pull fall into a hug. It surprises Nice, and she keeps her arms off of his back even while Jacuzzi lands against her.

But then he pulls away:

Jacuzzi: By the way, I tried out that new bomb you gave me. It was great; I think we'll be able to sell those things for a fortune.

Nice goes ahead and pulls Jacuzzi in for the hug. The shot changes, and we see Jacuzzi's face looking down the train, his eyes half-closed from a mixture of happiness, and exhaustion, and let's face it, pain -- the man has a knife in his arm, and he was shot multiple times at pointblank range about a minute before. The sun is just beginning to crest over the horizon, and Jacuzzi's face begins to glow with the morning light.

The audience knows everything is going to be alright. Jacuzzi might not know it, but the legendary Rail Chaser stops killing come daybreak; he can't die now, he's kept himself and Nice and the passengers alive long enough that they're all safe. And if the viewer has been particularly attentive, she would remember that we saw Nice and Jacuzzi arrive in Grand Central Station, limping and bandaged.

But yet -- his eyes widen, and he breaths in a little gasp. Nice can tell from his body language that something's wrong, and she pulls back.

Nice: Jacuzzi... ?
Jacuzzi: You know what, Nice? Everyone's right -- I probably have been crying to much over nothing in the past.

The shot changes, and we see that Jacuzzi is still wearing his thin, content smile.

Jacuzzi: But who cares? For all the extra tears I've shed, I can just tell them that I was crying for you. So now, no matter what you have to face, you won't need to cry, because I've already done it for you.

Now Nice know something is wrong, and she turns to see what Jacuzzi has been looking at this entire time.

It's the Rail Chaser.

The string instruments begin to play, building tension.

Jacuzzi pulls himself up, and as his stands upright, we get to see Jacuzzi for who he can be, when the time calls for it.

He's cried out all his worry, and he hopes he's cried enough for everyone, so that if he dies, Nice might be okay. On his face he has the hardest, most serious expression that he's worn in the entire series. Sticking out of his left arm is a knife. And in his right hand he's holding a bomb he just pick-pocketed off of Nice.

And that is why Jacuzzi is coolest character ever.

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Nice/Jacuzzi. YES.

Jacuzzi is a BAMF. Who cries. AND NICE IS A PYROMANIAC. They are a match made in heaven, and god, they're so sweet. It will never get old that it takes them ten years just to kiss.

(Apparently, they end up having kids. I can only assume it takes them forever to have sex, XD And when they do it's awkward. As hell.)

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I think they lived together for several decades without so much as a kiss? At least, that's what I remember reading.

djkdfdkf yes. So, what did you think of Claire/Chane?

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AND YOUR ICON. dkfjdkjfdjf

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Jacuzzi is amazing...

Hehe... something Bri pointed out was that the Rail Chaser is the Train conductor dude right? And the minute he sees Chane(Silent chick) with the orchestra he says, "Man that girl is smokin' hot!" Then he decides on the train that he loves her and that he wants to marry her. And he does...



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